Shayna's Disney Adventures

In the magical world of Disney, my journey began with a familiarization trip alongside my coworkers and other travel agents from across Canada. Disney’s Coronado Springs, where we stayed, set the stage. Our 4-night escapade unfolded with a park-a-day exploration starting with Epcot.

When we ventured off to Epcot the grand globe met us on entry. It is not just a futuristic structure; it's a symbol of the limitless possibilities that await in the park. My favorite ride hands down was the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. It was a themed roller coaster that takes you through space alongside our favorite characters from the famed Marvel hit.

We also got to take a trip in "space" at Millennium Falcon: Smuggler Run located in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where 6 of us worked together to complete a mission. What a fun simulation!

After our hard work, Disney’s Hollywood Studios treated us to a nostalgic diner-themed restaurant with seats shaped like vintage cars while the restaurant played historical videos, old commercials and films.

Magic Kingdom

The magical Cinderella’s castle awaited us when we entered the iconic Magic Kingdom Park. From fairytales to real life character interactions this park has the true essence of it all. At the end of the day, the firework show and beautiful displays among the grand castle could not be beat.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, a heartwarming encounter during the Kilimanjaro Safari left us in awe. I had always known Disney to take great care of their animals, so when a giraffe blocked the safari path and our tour guide parked and waited for it to move as to not spook the animal this only confirmed how well they are taken care of. The giraffe still had to be lured away with lettuce, but it was a fun and special moment to bear witness to while we waited.

Another highlight moment included the Festival of The Lion King where the audience is separated into 4 different sections while cast members interact and encourage us to make different animal noises. A select few kids get to join in the fun on stage!

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As a part of our trip, we visited multiple resorts including the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Port Orleans, Contemporary, and All-Star Music Resorts. They each offered unique glimpses into Disney's diverse charm. The wide range of resorts, we found, had something to offer for everyone.

Overall, this trip far exceeded my expectations and was more than I could have hoped for. I told my coworkers multiple times "this is probably the best trip I've ever experienced in my entire life" which is funny to think about because at the end of the day it was a work trip.

After such a wonderful experience at Walt Disney World I felt the need to share this magic with family later that year on a personal trip.

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Personal Vacation

In November of last year, I took a week-long vacation with my boyfriend and family to Florida. Before going I had a heavy influence on us returning to Walt Disney World so I could share my magical experience with those closest to me. We booked our theme park tickets directly on the CAA website and looked forward to the magic ahead!

In terms of favorite rides, we all agreed that Expedition Everest was at the top of the list. With its immersive climb as you walk up to the ride, gear-adorned surroundings, and breathtaking drops it defied all expectations. My boyfriend was especially impressed because he didn't think that it would be as intense or as fun because we were at a “kid’s” theme park.

My sister’s boyfriend was especially impressed by Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge as he is a huge Star Wars fan. He could not get over the detail, props and characters that wandered around the area! He reveled in the immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

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Tips and Tricks for First Timers

  • Fuel Your Day: For those who want to get three square meals, investing in a Disney Dining Plan is a worthwhile buy.
  • CAA Perks: CAA members receive additional discounts on theme park tickets when booked directly on the CAA Atlantic website.
  • Unlock the Magic: Download the My Disney Experience app in advance to navigate the parks seamlessly. Familiarize yourself with features such as My Disney Genie (your day planner), ticket storage, and attraction locations. The app also doubles as a comprehensive map for all Disney parks!
  • Plan and Reserve: Planning is crucial; book advanced reservations for attractions and dining experiences, ideally 60 days ahead to make the best of your experience. All done through the My Disney Experience app.
  • Minimize the Wait: Disney Genie Plus offers lightning lanes for popular rides, but certain high-volume attractions like Tron or Guardians of the Galaxy may have additional costs. Research or consult a travel advisor to ensure your desired rides are covered.

Whether for work or my own personal trip, Disney left me feeling nostalgic and giddy with childlike wonder. From the joys of wildlife and character encounters to the thrilling rides that defied expectations, Walt Disney World proved to be more than just a theme park – it was an opportunity to share some laughs, learn, and explore with people I hold close.

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