Smooth Moves

Whether it's across the country, across town or just across the street, moving is stressful. But one thing it shouldn’t be? A scam. 

According to Nancy 0rvine, president of the Canadian Association of Movers, one of the most prevalent scams starts online. A sophisticated algorithm pushes out several lowball quotes from “different” moving companies, but they’re actually all from the same scammer.

Seeing what appears to be a variety of places with similar rates not only gives you a sense of security (“all these places can’t be a rip-off!”), but also increases the odds you will pick them.

Once the truck is loaded, the driver pressures you into paying a highly inflated rate, then drives of holding your belongings hostage until you pay.

How can you protect yourself? 

Get three quotes—in writing—from different sources. 

Ensure that your mover is legit. Google the address to make sure it exists. 

Contact the Canadian Association of Movers to check the reputation of your mover.

CAA members can earn CAA Dollars on local and long-distance moves with AMJ Campbell, plus get a price-match guarantee, special Member pricing on long-term storage and use of moving supplies for local moves.


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